Presidential Transparency

AD: Understanding Trump

In 2008 President Obama promised to be the "most transparent administration in history". However his administration scandals including Bhenghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, Russia uranium scandal, the IRS scandal, the NASA spying scandal and the unconstitutional implementation of Obamacare, all in which pertinent information was held from the American people, certainly damaged Obama's transparency claim.

*Update: President Trump has taken unprecedented steps to be the most transparent Presidency in American history. See what actions has he taken:

5/18/17: During Donald Trump's Presidential campaign he provided a list of possible Supreme Court Justices picks. This was historically an unusual move for a presidential candidate which, in part , showed his commitment to transparency.

9/1/17: Trump has been quick, sometimes too quick, to share his thoughts with the American people via social media. Anything including why he makes decisions, how he feels and what is said in his private meetings, are all instantly shared daily to the American people through his social media accounts, specifically Twitter. However some of his Twitter tweets have created a firestorm of controversy

​10/1/17: Unlike any other President in American history, Donald Trump has so far held several rallies across the country for the American people as President. Sticking with his election campaign rally concept, Trump uses the rally platform as way to connect directly to the people, bypassing (and criticizing) the blatantly biased media. President Trump has consistently stated the rallies ensure that his message and actions are not misconstrued by the mostly, anti Trump media.

10/21/17: Trump ordered the release of the final set of documents on the JFK assassination. He stated he would release the tens of thousands of never-before-seen documents left in the files related to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination held by the National Archives and Records Administration. 2,800 documents were released to the public on 10/26/17. There were 676 more JFK assassination records released on 11/3/17. The releases to date are as follows:
July 24, 2017: 3,810 documents
October 26, 2017: 2,891 documents
November 3, 2017: 676 documents
November 9, 2017: 13,213 documents
November 17, 2017: 10,744 more documents released
There are now 19,045 documents subject to the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 have been posted on USN Archives website.

1/10/18: President Trump held an unprecedented, transparent, public meeting with Congress on immigration. It was a 55 minute negotiation that was actually aired on news networks. It included a bipartisan group of lawmakers that debated whether to enact a two-phase approach to immigration reform in which the first component resolved DACA program and the second attempted a broader reform of the US immigration system including the wall, visa lottery and chain migration.

​2/2/18: President Trump made an unprecedented move by approving Congress to release a classified memo to the American people that showed the feds illegally spying on a opposition candidate, showing extreme bias and using a fake dossier to start an illegal investigation about "Russia collusion." Speaking later at the White House, the president repeatedly said “a lot of people should be ashamed” by its contents, without elaborating or naming names. The full memo can be read here.

​2/9/18: President Trump grants substantially more access to photographers compared to former President Barack Obama, according to a New York Times photographer who covered both administrations. When asked to compare covering the previous administration to Trump’s, Doug Mills of the New York Times said photographers are getting “a lot more” access in an interview with C-SPAN.

6/8/18: Trump's Justice Dept. makes foreign lobbyist memos public for first time. The disclosures are meant to promote government transparency and make it more difficult for advocates of foreign governments to remain undisclosed. For the first time, the public is able to read advisory opinions the department has issued to lobbyists, public relations professionals and others about whether they need to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

9/5/18:  President Trump's legal team gave the Mueller led Special Counsel , approximately 1.4 million pages of documents and nearly 30 staffers to interview to help conclude the Russian collusion investigation. The investigation showed zero evidence that Trump colluded with Russia but did however expose unprecedented bias and corruption againt President Trump.

9/18/19: In yet another clear move to prove his presidency as being one of the most transparent in history, Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents and FBI text messages of the Russia probe.

12/12/18: Trump holds a surprise meeting in the oval office by inviting the press for a live debate with Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over the border wall funding. He touted transparency during the meeting as Pelosi and Schumer wanted to debate off camera.