U.S. Home ownership

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In 2016, President Obama's last year in office, U.S. home ownership rate was at a five-decade low .

*UPDATE:  Under Trump U.S. home ownership rose for the first time since 2004 by an increase of 1.5%, household income at a record high , household net worth at a record  high  national home prices surge to new record high, and housing confidence reached an all time high. Also farmland values hit a record high.

3/15/17: Home builder confidence is at the highest level in 12 years. 


1/3/18: National home prices surge to new record high.

1/30/18: National home prices surge to new record high. 

1/31/18: Homeownership rate rose in 2017 for first time since 2004

5/9/18: Housing consumer confidence hits record high as home prices skyrocket. 

5/23/18: ​US. household income hits another all-time high under Trump.

5/24/18: Home values across the U.S. are rising at their fastest pace since June 2006

6/7/8: U.S. household net worth reaches a record high at $100 trillion

7/10/18:  Homeowners now have a collective $5.8 trillion in tappable equity, the highest volume ever recorded.

8/4/18:  The average farmland values nationwide have increased 1.9% to $3,140 an acre so far this year from 2017. An all time high.

8/30/18: Household income jumps again to an all-time high under Trump.  In fact, median household income is up more than 4%.