Trump's Approval Rating

AD: Presidential Approval Ratings

Despite unprecedented media coverage in which several studies consistently show over 90% negative coverage on Trump, his approval rating (with several different pollsters) continues to be the same, or even better, than Obama's at the same point in their presidencies.

Note: Rasmussen was the ONLY major pollster that accurately predicted Trump's victory over Hillary in the 2016 Presidential election. 

12/28/17: Rasmussen poll shows Trump at a 46% approval rating with a 53% disapproval rating. The same exact numbers that President Obama had on the same date of the end of his first year in presidency.

2/2/18: Rasmussen new poll shows Trump's approval rating at 49%.

2/7/18: President Trump’s approval rating tops Barack Obama by 4 points at the same time of his Presidency as Rasmussen's latest poll shows Trump's job performance approval rating at 48%.

​2/9/18: The Rasmussen Reports daily poll shows a 49% approval rating on President Trump’s job performance. 

2/27/18: President Donald Trump’s approval rating is now higher than former President Barack Obama’s at this point in his presidency. 50% of likely voters in the United States approved of Trump’s job performance, according to the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll. On this date during year two of Obama’s first term, 43% of likely voters approved of how the president was performing, the same poll found.

4/2/18: President Trump's approval rating hits 50%. Four points higher than President Obama's approval rating at this time in his presidency.

4/4/18: Rasmussen Presidential Tracking poll shows a 51% approval rating President Trump’s performance. 

4/16/18: Trump's approval rating remains at 51%.

5/4/18: Trump's approval rating remains at 51%

6/09/18: According to the latest FOX News poll President Donald Trump has a better rating than Presidents Obama and Reagan at the same point in their presidencies. This poll was also confirmed by Politifact.

​6/19/18: Trump's approval rating just reached its highest level yet with Gallup. His approval rating reached an all-time high of 45% in the Gallup weekly tracking poll. In fact, it's now tied with where the "extremely popular" President Obama was at this point in his first term. 

​6/25/18: Both a Gallup poll and the RealClearPolitics average of polls put Trump around a 45% approval rating. That's just 1 point lower than President Barack Obama polled at this point in his presidency.

7/5/18: President Trump’s approval rating on his second Independence Day is at 48%. On Barack Obama’s second Independence Day — despite a fawning media — his approval rating was only at 45% .

7/13/18: A Pew Research poll showed Trump is as popular as Obama was in the middle of his first presidential term.

7/25/18:  In an NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll, conducted both before and after the Helsinki summit, Trump has seen his approval rating tick up to 45%, an all-time high for him in that survey. 

8/2/19: Rasmussen (the only pollster that correctly predicted Trump's victory in 2016)  daily tracking poll has Trump at 50% approval. That is 5 points higher than Obama had at the same point in His presidency.

10/5/18: According to the latest results from Rasmussen's tracking poll of likely voters, Trump has a 51% approval mark.

10/28/18: President Trump's approval rating before the November elections has jumped to a higher level than former President Obama's ahead of the 2010 midterms, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll

11/2/18:  President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at 51% in a daily tracking poll from Rasmussen.

12/17/8: Trump approval ratings tower above European leaders.

2/5/19: Despite 92% negative press coverage, President Trump's approval rating tops Obama by 2 points at same point in his Presidency.

2/8/19:  Trump’s approval rating stands at 50% in a daily tracking poll from Rasmussen.

2/11/19: Trump’s approval rating stands at 52% in a daily tracking poll from Rasmussen. The highest since shortly after his inauguration. 

3/1/19:  A new Gallup survey shows that approval for President Donald Trump ranges from 50% to 62% in 17 states, up from 12 such states in 2017.  

3/5/19: President Trump's approval rating continues to climb. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll put Trump's approval rating at 46%. In additiona the Real Clear Politics Poll approval rose to 44.4%, his highest mark since October 2018 following the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

3/28/19:  Trump’s approval rating stands at 50% in a daily tracking poll from Rasmussen

4/10/19: President Trump’s approval rating reached 53% with Rasmussen.  Trump has a significantly higher approval than former President Barack Obama, at 47%, had at this point of his administration.